Peter Stähli started in aviation 30 years ago. Throughout his career, he has logged over 6300 hours of experience on helicopters, and 6500 hours on fixed wing.

Peter first began flying helicopters in Australia, where his first certificate was issued. His first 1000 hours were earned herding cattle with a Robinson R22. Then he worked for Hevi-Lift in Papua New Guinea, on a Bell Jet Ranger and a Hughes 500.

Back in Switzerland, he was flying a Bell 205 and a Aerospatiale-Lama for the company HeliSwiss in Belp.

In the summer of 1991, he started working with Heli-Linth in Mollis, Switzerland. With an A-Star (AS 350) helicopter, Peter flew several different operations including search and rescue operations in the alps.

Between 1991-92, Peter returned to the USA for additional training and received his Instrument Rating along with his Fixed Wing Certificate. He currently holds an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) for airplanes and helicopters. Peter also received his Flight Instructor Certificate, which gave him the opportunity to train pilots up to the Airline Transport Pilot License. He is also qualified to train students for the Instrument Rating and to become flight instructors themselves.

Soon after, Peter came to the USA and started teaching at a flight school. After a while, he decided to start his own business and opened the flight school “Helipro”. Because it is a small flight school, Helipro is able to provide a private training atmosphere with a personalized schedule for each student. Peter is now stationed again in Switzerland, and is therefore able to use his contacts to help out Swiss pilots, or others who are interested in working in Europe.

Our flight school was founded in 1993 by Peter Stähli (President). It is our goal to provide excellent flight instruction resulting in helicopter pilots that are proficient in flight knowledge with superior flight abilities, and who are prepared to enter the job market.  

We have been approved and authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to teach our students under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 61 and FAR Part 141 (HO0S616K). The FAA approval places Helipro on a very short list of helicopter flight schools that meet the rigorous requirements necessary to be a Part 141 training program.

Furthermore we can offer you the chance to earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in applied science in aviation while learning to fly with us. This service can be provided through our partnership with Charter College. This program provides student pilots with a more complete education, and better prepares them for a successful career in aviation. Find out more about the program here.

We can help our students with financing their training. While we cannot offer financial aid through the school directly, we have partnered with Pilot Finance Inc. to help our students to fund their training. Find out more about student financing here.

We are also VA approved, meaning eligible Veterans can use their hard-earned benefits to help pay for their flight training. Find out more about our Veterans program here.

While our main focus lies on flight instruction, we also offer other services, including Scenic Helicopter Tours at the beautiful Central Coast as well as Aerial Photography / Video, Frost Prevention, Power line & Pipe line control.

Safety is our first priority. At Helipro nothing matters more than ensuring that every student is as safe as possible. 

Helipro is a well-established flight school, providing flight training since 1993. It is our goal to provide excellent instruction resulting in helicopter pilots that are proficient in flight knowledge with superior flight abilities, and who are prepared to enter the helicopter pilot job market.

Your training at Helipro will be very personal and individual, much like a family. Due to the small size of our flight school, we can provide a very flexible training schedule based on your needs, time and availability. Our instructors are available from Monday – Sunday. 

Helipro is located at the San Luis Obispo Regional airport (KSBP). The advantage of this location is, that training can be conducted right after take off. In other training areas, for example Los Angeles, students must fly for over half an hour before reaching areas suitable for proper training. The close proximity of mountain ranges allows us to provide mountain training and high altitude operations as well. Find more information about the airport here.

Helipro is a high-quality, highly regulated school that is approved by the FAA under Part 141. This places Helipro within a very short list of helicopter training programs that have proven to the FAA that their Standardized Curriculum meets the rigorous requirements necessary to be a FAR Part 141 facility.

San Luis Obispo has a Mediterranean climate with dry warm summers and mild winters. On average, there are 287 sunny days per year, which makes it a perfect location for your flight training. For more information check out the website of chamber of commerce.

Helipro can help our students with financing their training. While we cannot offer financial aid through the school directly, we have partnered with Pilot Finance Inc. to help our students to fund their training. Find out more about student financing here.  

At Helipro, our pilots have the opportunity to work as flight instructors (if there is an opening) after their training is complete.

Your basic training will take place in San Luis Obispo, California, located roughly midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the Central Coast. San Luis Obispo, or SLO is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. In your free time you can enjoy the beautiful and fascinating landscapes of the Central Coast or take a trip over the weekend to San Francisco or Los Angeles. Watch a video about San Luis Obispo, published in the New York Times.

Robinson R22 Beta


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Never exceed speed: 130 kts

Cruise speed: 110 kts

Range: 300 miles

Max. operating altitude: 14.000 feet density altitude

To find out more about the helicopters we operate, please visit the website of the manufacturer.

Florian Schipflinger

Flight Instructor

Peter Stähli

President / Chief Flight Instructor

Bertram Jochum

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

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945B Airport Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

4349 Old Santa Fe Road
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Capacity: 2, including pilot

Maximum weight per seat (including baggage compartment): 240 lbs.

Maximum takeoff weight: 1370 lbs.

Powerplant: Lycoming O-320 B2C, 160 BHP (Brake Horse Power)

Main tank usable capacity: 19.2 US gallons

Auxiliary tank usable capacity: 10.5 US gallons

Never exceed speed: 102 kts

Cruise speed: 75 kts

Range: 240 miles

Max. operating altitude: 14.000 feet density altitude



Capacity: 4, including pilot

Air Conditioning

Aspen Evo EFD1000H Pro/HSI Flight Display

Garmin GTR225 Com Radio

Garmin GTN750 GPS/Com/Nav


Payload: 748 lbs.

Maximum weight per seat (including baggage compartment): 300 lbs.

Maximum weight in either baggage compartment: 50 lbs.

Maximum takeoff weight: 2500 lbs.

Powerplant: Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5, 245 (Brake Horse Power)

Main tank usable capacity: 30.6 US gallons

Auxiliary tank usable capacity: 18.3 US gallons

Robinson R44 Raven II


18. July 2016 - Robin Reich, PPL

11. July 2016 - Vera Aitzinger, PPL

07. July 2016 - Christian Gautschi, PPL

07. July 2016 - Stefan Aebli, PPL

28. May 2016 – Feras Al-Shahrrani, CPL

13. May 2016 – Gabriel Berger, CPL

15. Apr. 2016 - Feras Al-Sharrani, PPL

25. Mar. 2016 - Fabian Renggli, PPL

15. Mar. 2016 - Nora Anichhofer, PPL

15. Mar. 2016 - Gabriel Berger, PPL

05. Mar. 2016 - Mitchel Joiner, PPL

19. Dec. 2015 - Kelton Porter, CFI

08. Dec. 2015 - Jason Papich, PPL

24. Nov. 2015 - Nadine Aumayr, CPL

17. Aug. 2015 - Carlo Henzen, CPL

30. Jul. 2015 - Kelton Porter, CPL

13. May 2015 - Nicola Gilli, CPL

23. Apr. 2015 - Ruben Oertel, PPL

18. Apr. 2015 - Michael Scherer, CFI

17. Apr. 2015 - Nicola Gilli, PPL

09. Apr. 2015 - Kelton Porter, PPL

08. Apr. 2015 - Manuel Gruber, CFI

13. Mar. 2015 - Manuel Gruber, CPL

18. Feb. 2015 - Michael Scherer, CPL

03. Feb. 2015 - Klaus Streinesberger, CFI

25. Nov. 2014 - Jacob Holt, CPL

31. Oct. 2014 - Simon Anthamatten, PPL

30. Oct. 2014 - Alexander Suesstrunk, CPL

08. Oct. 2014 - Simon Rebsamen, CPL

03. Sep. 2014 - Stefan Fluetsch, PPL

13. Aug. 2014 - Mitchell Moon, PPL

11. Jul. 2014 - Jacob Holt, PPL

01. Jul. 2014 - Flurin Vilgertshofer, CPL

01. Jul. 2014 - Gian Marco Caviezel, CPL

04. Jun. 2014 - Levin Eggler, PPL

06. May 2014 - Flurin Vilgertshofer, PPL

06. May 2014 - Klaus Streinesberger, CPL

05. Apr. 2014 - Philipp Hovorka, CPL

05. Apr. 2014 - Paul Gottschamel, CPL

14. Nov. 2013 - Joschka Christner, PPL

08. Nov. 2013 - Gabriel Klauser, CPL

08. Nov. 2013 - Thomas Forberg, CPL

30. Oct. 2013 - Jan Huggenberg, PPL

06. Sep. 2013 - Gabriel Klauser, PPL

29. Aug. 2013 - Thomas Forberg, PPL

16. Aug. 2013 - Andreas Roesti, CFI

12. Jul. 2013 - Silvio Ludin, CFI

08. May 2013 - Silvio Ludin, CPL

20. Apr. 2013 - Hanno Blatzheim, PPL

18. Apr. 2013 - Manuel Landgraf, CFI

15. Apr. 2013 - Sam Aguilar, PPL

11. Mar. 2013 - Martin Wicha, CPL

02. Mar. 2013 - Silvio Ludin, PPL

17. Jan. 2013 - Michael Harder, CPL

28. Dec. 2012 - Mario Papes, PPL

12. Dec. 2012 - Marco Anthamatten, CFI

08. Nov. 2012 - Manuel Landgraf, CPL

13. Oct. 2012 - Marco Anthamatten, CPL

18. Sep. 2012 - Johannes Kollhoff, CFI

14. Jul. 2012 - Hannes Stettler, PPL

02. Jul. 2012 – Michael Studer, CPL

02. Jul. 2012 – Manuel Landgraf, PPL

05. Mar. 2012 – Moreno Demonti, CPL

05. Mar. 2012 – Michael Studer, PPL

21. Jan. 2012 – Alexander Pfeiffer, CPL

21. Jan. 2012 – Ryan Zierman, PPL

06. Jan. 2012 – Moreno Demonti, PPL

18. Dec. 2011 – Stephan Schanderl, PPL

14. Nov. 2011 – Alexander Pfeiffer, PPL

01. Sep. 2011 – Matthias Vogt, CFI

14. Aug. 2011 – Hermann Brunner, PPL

13. Aug. 2011 – Matthias Vogt, CPL

08. Jul. 2011 – Stephan Knauer, PPL

02. Jul. 2011 – Urs Kessler, CFI

16. Jun. 2011 – Angelo Lanfranconi, CFI

09. Jun. 2011 – Alois Beer, PPL

13. May 2011 – Angelo Lanfranconi, CPL

13. May 2011 – Marco Wegmueller, CPL

11. May 2011 – Hans Kunz, CFI

29. Apr. 2011 – Christopher Fisher, CPL

21. Apr. 2011 – Florian Schipflinger, CFI

14. Mar. 2011 – Urs Kessler, CPL

14. Mar. 2011 – Harry Hartmann, CPL

09. Mar. 2011 – Florian Schipflinger, CPL

09. Mar. 2011 – Angelo Lanfranconi, PPL

08. Mar. 2011 – Adrian Schneiter, CFI

31. Jan. 2011 – Garett Crocker, CPL

22. Jan. 2011 – Adrian Schneiter, CPL

17. Jan. 2011 – Urs Kessler, PPL

17. Jan. 2011 – Harry Hartmann, PPL

Congratulations to our graduates, who have successfully passed their check rides.