CALL +1 (805) 543 2713

Never exceed speed: 130 kts

Cruise speed: 110 kts

Range: 300 miles

Max. operating altitude: 14.000 feet density altitude

+1 (805) 543 2713



945B Airport Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

4349 Old Santa Fe Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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Robinson R44 Raven II - Instrument Trainer

Capacity: 4, including pilot

Air Conditioning

Aspen Evo EFD1000H Pro/HSI Flight Display

Garmin GTR225 Com Radio

Garmin GTN750 GPS/Com/Nav


Payload: 748 lbs.

Maximum weight per seat (including baggage compartment): 300 lbs.

Maximum weight in either baggage compartment: 50 lbs.

Maximum takeoff weight: 2500 lbs.

Powerplant: Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5, 245 (Brake Horse Power)

Main tank usable capacity: 30.6 US gallons

Auxiliary tank usable capacity: 18.3 US gallons



Capacity: 2, including pilot

Instrumentation (9-hole panel):

- Attitude Indicator

- Turn Coordinator

- Horizontal Situation Indicator

- Marker Beacon

- Digital Transponder (KT76C)

- Garmin 430

Maximum weight per seat (including baggage compartment): 240 lbs.

Maximum takeoff weight: 1370 lbs.

Powerplant: Lycoming O-320 B2C, 160 BHP (Brake Horse Power)

Main tank usable capacity: 19.2 US gallons

Auxiliary tank usable capacity: 10.5 US gallons

Never exceed speed: 102 kts

Cruise speed: 75 kts

Range: 240 miles

Max. operating altitude: 14.000 feet density altitude

NEWS you can use...

On this page you will find more information about current and future projects.

We have added a new helicopter to our fleet.

Say hello to a freshly overhauled Robinson R22 Instrument trainer.

Our new helicopter allows us to offer the instrument rating at a much lower rate compared to the R44.

July 2016


Solo flight - USD 260,- / hour

Dual flight (with Instructor) - USD 295,- / hour

Introductory flight - USD 295,- / hour

Photo flight - USD 305,- / hour

Video flight - USD 315,- / hour

Arrival of our Robinson R22 Beta - Instrument Trainer

Some information about the ferry flight

- 2 Pilots

- 1933 nautical miles

- 4 time zones

- 6 days

- 7 States

- 31 hours of Flight time

San Luis Obispo Airport (California)

Gatlinburg–Pigeon Forge Airport (Tennessee)



Instrument Rating – Pricing

Vera Aitzinger (Commercial student) and Silvio Ludin (Helipro instructor) flew the helicopter all the way from Sevierville (Tennessee) to San Luis Obispo (California). This surely was an exciting adventure and is something that they will probably never forget. See the facts about the trip below.

To find out more about pricing and the tours we have available, please visit our website.

If you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, this would be a great choice that will create a memory for a lifetime.

February 2016

Helicopter Scenic Flights

Our new addition is also fully instrument-equipped and therefore enables us to provide Instrument training. See the facts about the helicopter below:

We are excited to announce that we will be getting an aviation flight training device very soon. With this training device you can log up to 20 hours towards your Instrument Rating, which equates to lower costs for your flight training.

August 2016

SBPA XR22/44 AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device)

Some information from the manufacturer

The XR22-44 Robinson Helicopter Trainer provides realistic and true-to-scale cockpit design, avionics, and reliable hardware/software performance. This platform also provides an effective training environment for student and certified pilots, providing the best experience in flight simulation. This includes the capability of practicing scenario-based flight training courses, emergency procedures, pilot evaluations, instrument procedures and increased pilot proficiency overall.

To find out more about the flight training device, please visit this website.

Download Letter Of Authorization from the FAA

We are now offering Scenic Helicopter Tours for up to 3 passengers in our brand new Robinson R44 helicopter with air conditioning. If you would like to see the beauty of the Central Coast from a different perspective this is the perfect opportunity.

Discover the beauty of the Central Coast from a unique perspective!

We are happy to announce that our new flight training device is up and running. Instrument students can log up to 20 hours towards their Instrument Rating and therefore save lots of money for their training.

First and foremost the flight training device is an excellent tool to learn instrument procedures.

November 2016

Our new SBPA XR22/44 AATD‍‍‍

(Advanced Aviation Training Device) has arrived!

Some pictures of the setup

October 2017

Together with his brother Simone, formed A‍‍‍ltitude Helicopters and after expanding the operations in Italy, Africa and Nepal, where hostile environment, extreme altitudes and marginal weather conditions had been the testing ground for staff and helicopters, 4 years ago they decided to open a flight school in San Diego, California.

Now Helipro and Altitude Helicopters joined the forces to provide the most professional, real world operation oriented and safest flight training provider.

Thanks to Peter Stahli, which will remain with us as Chief Pilot, the new Helipro will continue on the track of the great, extensive and well known experience gained so far adding another 20 years of international experience and real world approach.

1st October 2017 will remain a remarkable day. In fact Helipro ‍‍‍entered to be part of Ameristar Aviation, a leading aviation venture based in US that has put together A‍‍‍ltitude Helicopters Inc. and Helipro Inc.

The new President is Marcello Moro, originally form Italy and Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor, with a rewarding experience, flying in the most remote and difficult environments around the world.