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Come Fly

With Us

Whether it's becoming a private or professional commercial pilot or flying for your first time

Helipro has you covered!

We were featured on Redfin’s bucket list article
for new residents of San Luis Obispo, CA.
Check out the blog article here!


Helicopter Flight Training

To provide professional yet personalized training to all of our students at a competitive price.

International Students

Introductory Flight

Discover the beauty of the Central Coast from a unique perspective!

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is one of the most beautiful places in the United States and was once voted to be the "Happiest city in the United States". In your free time you can enjoy the beautiful and fascinating landscapes of the Central Coast or take a trip over the weekend to San Francisco (along Highway 1) or Los Angeles.

Your time in San Luis Obispo will be almost as interesting as flying itself. 

About Helipro

We have provided helicopter flight training since 1993.

Helipro is a high-quality, highly regulated, and well-established flight school that is approved by the FAA under FAR Part 141 and Part 61.

It is our goal to provide excellent instruction resulting in helicopter pilots who are proficient in-flight knowledge with superior flight abilities, and who are prepared to enter the helicopter pilot job market.




Helicopter Pilot  - Papillon Inc. NV

Helipro maintains a high standard and ensures a positive experience for its students.

The experienced instructors bring out the best in their students by a thorough covering of subjects and an encouraging, patient approach to flight instruction. They make certain you are confident and prepared for all the steps necessary to becoming a pilot.

Overall a pleasure to take part in any program Helipro has to offer.


Helicopter Pilot - VS Helicopters Inc. AK

If you are looking for a professional and welcoming environment for your training, that is what you will find at Helipro. Their staff are great and the helicopters are maintained to the highest standards.

I was able to gain the knowledge and experience to enter the helicopter industry after training here.

The San Luis Obispo area is a truly perfect place to fly helicopters. Great views, great weather, and ample training areas to gain real experience. 

Highly recommended.

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