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Life in San Luis Obispo

Your training will consist of Ground & Flight training.

San Luis Obispo is one of the most beautiful places in the United States and was once voted to be the "Happiest city in the United States". In your free time you can enjoy the beautiful and fascinating landscapes of the Central Coast or take a trip over the weekend to San Francisco (along Highway 1) or Los Angeles.

Only 10 minutes away from the city you can soak your feet in the Pacific Ocean or lounge on the beach and watch the surfers, dolphins, whales or other marine animals.

Your time in San Luis Obispo will be almost as interesting as flying itself. 

Ground Training

To obtain a Pilot certificate, you have to pass an FAA written exam (multiple-choice computer-administered test) regardless if your training is conducted under Part 61 / 141.


The minimum score to pass the test is 70%.

We recommend that you study as much as possible before you start your training. This allows you to focus on your flight training and the preparation for the oral examination. Our experience has shown, that most students are ahead with their flying abilities compared to their ground knowledge. This results in an extension of your total training time and the total training costs.


To optimize your training, you should get the books needed in advance, and start studying them at home. This way, you will reduce your total training time and save costs in accommodation and living. For information about books and other material you need, please feel free to contact us.

Flight Training

At the beginning of your training, we recommend 1 flight session a day. Once your flight abilities are more advanced two flight sessions a day (one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening) are recommended. A full schedule will reduce your total training costs.

Medical Certification

One of the final things you should know before starting your flight training is that you need to be medically examined to obtain your certificate.


- To obtain a Private Pilot Certificate:  3rd Class Medical Certificate

- To obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate:  2nd Class Medical Certificate

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