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Flight Training

Helipro offers the following certificates:

Private Pilot License

Becoming a Private Pilot is the first step in your career. It allows you to fly for fun, give rides to your friends / family or to build time towards another certificate / rating.  During this stage you will learn the basic flight maneuvers and procedures to solo the helicopter. Your first solo flight will probably be one of the most exciting flights you ever take and stick to you forever. Another part of your Private Pilot training will be to navigate from one airport to another, referred to as cross country flying. In preparation for your practical exam, commonly referred to as “checkride” you will learn all the necessary maneuvers that are required to operate the aircraft safely. The checkride consists of an oral examination and a flight test.


Duration: Approximately 6-8 weeks (full-time)


Please Note

40 flight hours is the minimum required by the FAA.

On average you should calculate an extra 10 to 30 hours above the minimum before you will be prepared to take the practical test.

Commercial Pilot License 

If your dream is to fly a helicopter for a living, then this is the right Certificate to get. During this stage, your basic flying skills will be sharpened, and you will be introduced to more advanced maneuvers. In addition, your ground knowledge will be taken to the next level. If you are interested, we can include part of the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) training or an Instrument Rating in your Commercial Pilot training.


Duration: Approximately 4 months (full-time) Including Private Pilot Certificate

Commercial Pilot License “Add On”

If you already have a Private Pilot License and decide to turn your hobby into a career, this would be the right option for you.

Requirements: Private Pilot License

Minimum age to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate: 18

Medical Certificate: 2nd Class

Duration: Approximately 2 months (full-time)

Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating allows you to fly in the clouds with no outside visual references. This enables you to navigate through the airspace system and get from point A to B in weather conditions that would normally force you to stay on the ground. Furthermore, an Instrument Rating will make you a much safer, more confident and more employable pilot.

Requirements: Private Pilot License

Duration: Approximately 1 month (full-time)

Certified Flight Instructor 

The first job helicopter pilots get is typically as a flight instructor at a training school. This allows you to get paid for instructing while building your flight hours to move on to the next step in your career. On this course you will learn to instruct and fly the helicopter at a higher level of accuracy compared to a commercial helicopter pilot. Once you’ve gotten enough flight time as an instructor, you’ll typically move on to a career in tour operations and continuing to build toward a more demanding career. Over 95% of flight schools train their students on the Robinson R22 helicopter. You must have at least 50 hours in an R22 (200 hours total time in helicopters) to instruct in this helicopter, due to the SFAR 73 regulation, and get hired at any of these schools using the R22 for training.

Requirements: Commercial Pilot License

Duration: Approximately 1 month (full-time)

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

With this certificate you can train students to obtain their Instrument Rating as well as teach the basic Instrument Training, which is required in the Commercial Pilot course. Going the extra mile and becoming a CFII will make you a much more qualified and employable instructor, allowing you to teach on all VFR and IFR courses.

Requirements: Certified Flight Instructor Certificate & Instrument Rating

Professional Pilot Program

The Professional Pilot Program is the full training course for people whose goal is to work as a career helicopter pilot. This program includes training for these certificates and ratings: Private, Instrument, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument.

Minimum age to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate: 17

Minimum age to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate: 18

Medical Certificate: 2nd Class

Duration: Approximately 7-8 months (full-time)

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