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Prior to initiating flight training a U.S. Citizen must provide one of the following documents to prove proof of citizenship:

• Valid U.S. Paspport


• U.S. Birth Certificate and valid driver’s license

  (must include signature to be valid)

A Resident Alien (Green Card Holder) is defined as a Permanent Resident of the U.S. but continues to be a citizen of another country.

Prior to initiating flight training a Resident Alien must provide the following:

• Valid U.S. Permanent Green Card

• Valid Passport

TSA Clearance

We’re able to offer you helicopter pilot training under both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141.

What is the difference between Part 61 and Part 141?

The difference is how your training will be approached. Both parts will have the same minimum standards for you to get your pilot certificate.


Any FAA-approved flight instructor, whether associated with a flight school or not, may train a student under Part 61 regulations. FAR Part 141 training however is given through approved flight schools that have had their course curriculums reviewed and approved by the FAA. Furthermore Part 141 approved schools are subject to regular surveillance audits by the FAA and must meet minimum pass rates on the practical exams.


In short, either type of school teaches to the same requirements. A Part 141 school is particularly focused and perhaps better for a full-time student whose goal is a professional career. A Part 61 school is more flexible. So the important thing is to pick whichever one fits your schedule and flight goals better. Non-US citizens who want to obtain an initial FAA pilot certificate have to conduct their training under Part 141.

For more information about Part 61/141, please refer to this article.

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